IM Possible

"Nothing in the world is impossible the word itself says Im Possible."Audrey Hepburn
Recently I've come face to face with my struggles with anorexia & this blog is dedicated to the long, windy, bumpy road to recovery. A road that will certainly end in a land more beautiful than OZ.

Nov 26

turntechkhaleesi said: Did you know that if you turn off anon, you could still reply to somebody who doesn't wanna be known by replying to them in their message?

NOWAYYY! Wait, why am I so stupid? Thank you so much for letting me know!!


Anonymous said: i know this sounds hipocritical coming from an anon, but you can and should consider turning anon OFF for a while, you're lovely you don't need to be seeing any hate or criticisms, xx stay strong beautiful girlll!

I’m considering it but part of me feels bad bc I have ppl struggling come to me on anon asking for help and I dont wanna turn anyone away by not giving them that option. But I mayyy have to do that for a little while. Thanks<3


Ok watch out I’m gonna rant now

I hate to say this but sometimes tumblr does more harm than good for me, especially recently

Don’t get me wrong I really love my followers and so many of you provide so much support and motivation for me but some days when I’m struggling I dont feel like logging on and dealing with nasty anons who tell me ¬†what I’m doing wrong, what I should be doing, How I should be feeling/acting, even down to issues they have with my tags. Like really, really!? Just because there’s a little grey box attached to your msg doesnt mean you can say every rude or nitpicky thing on your mind. This is nor your blog. And I just dont understand why ppl send such insensitive hurtful comments that they would (hopefully) never say to someones face just bc it can be anonymous. It’s beyond me.

And sometimes I’m also frustrated by how much ppl focus on my weight/BMI/calories of food etc. I understand curiosity but sometimes I think that overrides any success or failure I have through out the day. I’m trying (and struggling) to separate myself from any of those numbers so please stop placing such importance on them. When I log on and see these things and can really bring down my mood for the rest of the day. So I’m not saying I’m deleting or taking a break from tumblr or anything like that bc honestly some parts of tumblr and this blog are wonderful but I am letting you know that if I’m not on for a few days maybe it’s bc I simply dont want to deal with all of these factors. And I’m sorry but I really do have to take care of myself first and this is a step in that direction


stop-criticizing-start-praising said: I was so ecstatic to see you on my dash!! I've really missed you and I've been worried. I'm really glad you're doing alright, but I am so sorry to hear that you won't be going to college in January :/ just look towards next year and college will be awaiting you :) your journey to recovery really keeps my hopes up. Keep your beautiful head up <3

You’re so lovely, thank you for your kindness and support. Keep looking forward yourself, we can do this


recoveryquestionmark said: How many calories do you eat in IP?

It depends on a lot of different factors but they determine calories based on what your body needs and the goals they set for you physically 


itisallwibblywobbly said: <3 HUG You are lovely and wonderful and you deserve recovery.

Same to you!!!<3


apolla-savre said: Sam, that mirror lies. Please call it out on its crap. You are lovely, inside and out. I know how hard it is to believe the truth, but you know what? The very fact that you want to believe shows that one day you probably will believe you are so wonderful and beautiful. It's a start, anyway. You are beautiful and your mirror needs to shut its lying mouth.

Thank you for saying that it truly means a lot<3


Anonymous said: It's anorexia lying to you! don't listen to that voice! you are beautiful and you need to get healthy as well. people are not lying to you, mirror is, your disorder is!

Thank you, I wish this was easier to believe<3


Anonymous said: have you had any macarons since you got back? and how was the so delicious coconut milk? :)

mmm I had macarons a couple weekends ago and the milk is good! I have it on weekends lol!!


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